[Public Comments] JANE views on new curriculum guidelines

On March15th, JANE submitted its views on new curriculum guideline drafts of the Ministry of Education.
[Summary of our views]
 ・The frequency of school curriculum revisions should be increased to keep up with
  rapid changes of the time. The perspectives of human resource development in
  view of the emerging trend of the Fourth Industrial Revolution should also be
  incorporated in school curricula.
 ・JANE welcomes the proposal to make English an official school subject for fifth- and
  sixth-graders, and to lower the starting age of English lessons to third- and
  fourth-graders. Special attention should be paid to securing of sufficient class hours.
  English classes also need to incorporate teaching of practical skills such as logical
  discussion or effective presentation skills
 ・In the area of programming education, the priority should be placed on the
  teaching of programming skills themselves, which requires the allocation of
  adequate time and setting of common targets.
 ・Entrepreneurship education should be taught systematically with a focus on
  real life experiences in order to enhance students’ self esteem