Japan Ahead2

Basic policy positions of JANE (published in 2018/4)
Proposal to generate an estimated economic impact worth more than 150 trillion yen with three pillars

Intelligent Hub Concept

  1. Flow talent, wisdom, money toward Japan
  2. Reduce corporate tax rate (to around 20%)
  3. Support Innovation/startups
  4. Put into place environment of workstyle competitive & globally applicable
  5. Nurture globally competent talent
  6. Promote corporate philanthropy to return profit to society

Cutting-edge Society, Smart Nation

  1. Build digital-first society
  2. Promote cashless society
  3. Put into shape personal/ corporate/ administrative data infrastructure(thorough use of Individual number system, etc. & completion of data infrastructure)
  4. Promote sharing economy
  5. Make administration smart on government’s own initiative & reduce administrative costs
  6. Promote “xxx tech” in demonstration tests (using special zones, sandboxes, etc.)
  7. Design systems/institutions matching new economy
  8. Fair regulations/taxation for both domestic & overseas companies
  9. Nurture talent specialized in IT/AI

Address the population decline and labor shortage issues

  1. Discuss immigration policy head-on
  2. Reform social security system
  3. Promote use of sharing economy such as crowd delivery & ride sharing
  4. Super tourism-oriented country

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