Policy Recommendations for the Implementation of “Digital First” Principle

On May 12th, JANE submitted its policy recommendations for the implementation of the “digital first” principle to Minister of State for Economic Revitalization, Minister in charge of Information Technology Policy, and Minister of State for Regulatory Reform.

The original document is available in Japanese

【Summary of the document】


 Policy Recommendations for the Implementation of the “Digital First” Principle


1 Summary of JANE’s past proposals

2 Overview of the government’s “digital first” initiative

3 Implementation progress indicators
 Progress should be measured according to the following indicators:   

 (1) Mandatory adoption of digital and online-based procedures
 (2) Ban on requests for resubmission and better coordination in back office
 (3) Digital-based BPR
 (4) Regular revision of rules to keep up with latest technologies
 (5) Collaboration of government APIs and private sector services

4 Detailed measures for implementation
 Examples of detailed measures for digitalization would include:
 ●Online and one-stop service for company incorporation procedure
 ●Digitalization of social insurance procedure

5 Cross-sectoral challenges
  Suggestions for tackling the following two cross sectoral challenges:
 ●API collaboration
 ●Electronic corporate authentication system

6 Elimination of in-person, on-paper rules through comprehensive legislation
 ●Comprehensive legislation could cover such laws as:
  Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Act, Companies Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange
  Act, Real Estate Brokerage Act, Act on Land and Building Leases, etc.
 ●Promotion of digitalization in business transactions customarily conducted through face-to-face
  and on paper communication

7 Awareness raising
 ●The government to take the lead in digitalization
 ●Awareness raising campaigns such as the “Digital First Promotion Month”