[Proposal] JANE submitted a proposal to the government regarding legislative measures to promote utilization of information technology.

On October 30th 2015, Japan Association of New Economy (JANE) submitted a proposal “Detailed Proposal on Legislative Measures to Promote Utilization of Information Technology” to the government addressed to Chief Cabinet Secretary, Minister of State for Regulatory Reform, and Minister in Charge of Information Technology Policy. The proposal was made based on the discussion at the JANE Task Force on e-Government Promotion (Leader: Takashi Yuri, President & CEO, TechMatrix Corporation).

Link to the proposal (English version)

Link to the proposal (Japanese original version)

(Overview of the proposal) 

The proposal is about legislative measures to promote utilization of information technology. The proposal include:
・abolition of “face to face/in-writing” principle,
・promotion of “Digital First” principle,
・re-examining existing laws and regulations in order to promote the utilization of IT,
・granting authenticity to electronic data,
・regulatory reform for the creation of new industries, such as sharing economy
 *submit separate proposal on sharing economy
・establishing basic environment for e-signatures, my-number portal site, e-P.O box For details, please see the proposal.

JANE greatly appreciates their visit: the discussion gave us great insight into the future of “My Number system”.