JANE Representative Director Hiroshi Mikitani made a presentation titled “Japan Ahead” at the LDP meeting.

On May 14th, JANE Representative Director Hiroshi Mikitani made a presentation at the LDP“Committee for Realization of Good Economic Circulation*”. “Japan Ahead” includes ​policy proposals with an economic impact of 150 trillion yen. JANE participated as one of the four Japanese economic associations that include Keidanren, Keizai Doyukai, and Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

*Provisional translation of “Keizai Kojunkan Jitsugen Iinkai” by JANE.

Original Presentation material (in Japanese)Presentation material (translated in English)
In “Japan Ahead”, JANE made three policy proposals to create a virtuous cycle in the Japanese economy.

1. “Intelligent Hub” concept:
– Developing “Internet autobahn” (Free Wi-Fi and expansion of MVNO) 
– Reduction of corporate tax 
– Setting up an environment to attract competent human resources from overseas 
– Developing human resources to stimulate innovation (English education and Programming education) 
– Reforming corporate governance (implementation of stock-based rewards) 

2. Cutting Edge Society / Smart Nation”:
– Regulatory reform to create new industries such as the sharing economy 
– Promoting e-payment and cashless payment (requiring implementation of cashless payment in public services ) 
– Establishment of a new law for the Digital First economy 

3. “Super Tourism Oriented Country”:
– Reviewing airport usage policy (co-use of Yokota base, supporting LCC) 
– Development of laws and supportive environment to promote the sharing economy to secure transportation and accommodation 
– Raising attractiveness of entertainment in the city (e.g. Casino, music event etc.)