JANE’s 10th Anniversary Event Japan Transformation ~Entrepreneurs transforming Japan!~

On June 1, 2022, Japan Association of New Economy (JANE) celebrated the 10th anniversary event, Japan Transformation ~Entrepreneurs transforming Japan!~. The event was attended by more than 500 guests, including JANE member companies, sponsor companies, diet members, and representative from ministries and embassies visited the venue. Thank you all for attending the event!

From the scene of introducing a new released book “JAPAN TRANSFORMATION” during the Session – Looking back and the future of JANE by Representative Director & Vice Representative Director

The event was organized in two parts. The first part started with a video of looking back on our challenges and achievements over the last 10 years. With the message “It’s time for Japan to open up again. And this time we’re doing it ourselves.”, Representative Director, Mickey Mikitani and Vice Representative Director, Susumu Fujita showed up on the stage. Both looked back on the JANE’s history, and introduced the 10th anniversary commemorative book released on this day. 
Congratulatory speeches were made from Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (read by MC), and Minister for Digital Minister in charge of Administrative Reform Minister of State for Regulatory Reform, Karen Makishima. Also, video messages were sent from H.E. Rahm Emanuel, Ambassador of the United States of America to Japan, and Chair & Co-CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff. Prime Minister Kishida described JANE’s challenges as “not to be afraid to argue, persistently insists on the path of belief, and pushes toward realization” and evaluated JANE as “a proof of being an entrepreneurial economic organization.” 
Award ceremony of “JX Awards”, which is an award to promote and praise entrepreneurs established to commemorate the 10th anniversary, was also held. The selection committee presented trophies to the three winners, Eiko Hashiba, CEO of VisasQ, Toru Nishikawa, CEO of Preferred Networks, who were awarded as special prize from the selection committee, and  Yohei Kiguchi, CEO of ENECHANGE, who was awarded as grand prize. At the following talk session by the three winners, they talked about the joy of receiving the award as well as their management philosophy and goals. 
Two talk sessions also were held under the theme of “female entrepreneur” and “student entrepreneur”, which are the themes that JANE will focus on in the future.  The speakers frankly discussed about “What JANE should work on.”

Three winners and the members of selection committee of JX Awards 2022

Commemorative session① Panel discussion“We Need Women’s Startups for Japan Transformation”

Commemorative session② Panel discussion “Dialogue between JANE Directors and Student entrepreneurs”

The second part of the event was a large-scale networking party. Started with a toast by Director Noboru Hachimine (Founder & Chairman, Digital Holdings, Inc), JANE presented the “JANE Awards” to 72 companies to praise a 10-year continuous membership to celebrate their paths waking together with JANE for the past 10 years. In addition, in cooperation with a member company LDH JAPAN Inc., wonderful performers, THE RAMPAGE, a 16-member dance and vocal group, DJ IZOH, and EXILE MAKIDAI shook the house.

JANE will continue to promote various activities to realize “Japan Transformation” together with member companies and other related parties.

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【Event  Outline】
”Japan Transformation – Entrepreneurs Transforming Japan !”
■Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2022
■Time : 14:00-18:00
■Venue : The Prince Park Tower Tokyo (Shiba Koen)
■Format : Hybrid (Venue &YouTube)
Part 1 Commemorative Ceremony
・Commemorative session – Looking back and the future 
by  Mickey Mikitani, Representative Director/ Susumu Fujita, Vice Representative Director 

・Speeches and video messages from guests
A message (Read by MC)
  from Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister
A speech 
  from Karen Makishima, Minister for Digital Minister in charge of Administrative Reform Minister of State for Regulatory Reform
Video Messages 
  from H.E. Rahm EMANUEL,  Ambassador of the United States of America to Japan
            Marc Benioff, Chair & Co-CEO, Salesforce

・JX Awards ceremony
Grand prize : 
  Yohei Kiguchi, CEO, ENECHANGE Ltd.
Special prize from the selection committee :
  Eiko Hashiba, CEO, VisasQ Inc.
  Toru Nishikawa, CEO, Preferred Networks Inc.

・Panel discussion “Entrepreneurs Transforming Japan !” 
Commemorative session① “We Need Women’s Startups for Japan Transformation” 
Moderator: Ayumi Fujimoto, Executive Officer, CMO, Plug and Play Japan / Representative Director, Startup Ecosystem Association Japan
  Sakie Akiyama, Founder, Saki Corporation
  Yuji Suyama, Representative Director / Co-founder, Zebra and Company Co., Ltd.
  Ari Horie, Chief Impact Officer, Women’s Startup Lab Impact Foundation Japan (Video)

Commemorative session② “Dialogue between JANE Directors and Student entrepreneurs” 
Moderator:Norihiko Sasaki, CEO of PIVOT ,Inc.
  Mickey Mikitani, Representative Director (Chairman and CEO, Rakuten Group, Inc)
  Susumu Fujita, Vice Representative Director(President, CyberAgent, Inc.)
  Takashi Yuri (President & CEO, TechMatrix Corporation)
  Takashi Inoue (President & CEO, LIFULL Co.,Ltd.)
  Noboru Hachimine (Founder & Chairman, DIGITAL HOLDINGS, INC.)
  Koichiro Yoshida (CEO, CrowdWorks Inc.)
Student Entrepreneurs:
  Hiroyuki Kurimoto, CEO, Liquitous .Inc.
  Ayumi Tanaka, Represntative Director, lightful General Incorporated Association
  Lloyd Lee,  CEO, HYPERITHM CO.Ltd. 
  Akihiko Shimoyama, CEO, Senjin Holdings .Inc. 

Part 2 Commemorative party
・Buffet (Networking Party)
・JANE Membership Awards for 72 companies (Recognition of members who have continued to be active for 10 years since the start of the activities of JANE)
・Dance Performances by The RAMPAGE
・DJ Performances by DJ IZOH and EXILE MAKIDAI