JANE additional recommendations on a tourism nation

On May 25th, JANE submitted a policy paper detailing additional recommendations towards the realization of a tourism nation to Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy.

The original document is available in Japanese here

【Summary of the proposal】

1 Digital marketing strategies

  ・Establishment of government chief marketing officer
  ・Social media marketing
  ・Utilization of national and municipal government data
  ・Leveraging the Japan National Tourism Organization website

2 Boosting per capita consumption

  ・Promotion of the sharing economy (eg. home sharing)
  ・Luxury tourism
   (strengthen investor relations, ease visa requirements for high-income visitors, etc.)
  ・Enhancement of urban tourism
  ・Promotion of the night time economy

3 Sports-centered regional regeneration

  ・Olympic-driven local regeneration
  ・Promotion of sports business

【Reference】JANE’s past policy papers on the tourism-driven nation

Super Tourism Nation Towards the goal of 100 million tourists and 30 trillion yen revenue (March 2016)

Tourism oriented nation 2020 (February 2015) (in Japanese)