JANE presentation on new home sharing rules at the Democratic Party of Japan

On April 26th, JANE gave a presentation on the new residential accommodation bill at the Land, Infrastructure and Transport division of the Democratic Party.

The original presentation material in Japanese is available here

【Summary of Presentation】

We request that the new bill be adopted and enacted as early as possible.
We also request that the following points be considered in the interpretation and implementation of the bill.
・Keep a broad definition of “residential properties” regulated under the new bill
・Appropriate consideration should be given to actual business operations in applying the 180 days-a-year maximum cap. The 180-day limit also needs to be removed eventually.
・Allow non face-to-face methods of communication in giving guidance notes to lodgers or in their identity verification.
・Signboard posting rules should be flexible in owner-occupied home sharing to protect personal information
・The national law should prevent the introduction of local ordinances that place excessive limitations on operational days
・Flexible application of the Fire Services Act so as not to impede the spread of home sharing in Japan
・Owner-occupied home sharing properties should be treated in the same way as conventional residential properties