JANE Presentation on promoting social business in Japan at the Liberal Democratic Party

On April 14th, JANE gave a presentation at a joint meeting of the LDP’s Special Committees on Social Business and on Public Service Corporation and Non-Profit Organizations. The presentation touched on the following four points: the need to develop social business as a way of addressing Japan’s various social issues; a high level of interest in this topic from the business community; the importance of promoting venture philanthropy and social impact investment to support the development of social entrepreneurship; and the need to consider relevant measures including making revisions on institutional and legal frameworks.

* Venture philanthropy: an approach to accelerate the tackling of social issues where organizations such as public interest incorporated foundations provide middle- to long-term finance and management support to non-profits and social enterprises.
* Social impact investment: Investment with the expectation of mid- to long-term social, as well as economic, return

The presentation material in Japanese is available here