A new report by New Workstyle Working Group

The JANE working group on “partnership-based new workstyle” issued a study report on December 28th.

The original report (in Japanese) can be downloadable from here

The study examines the changing style of work at individual, organizational and social levels reflecting a growing demand to maximize the potential of workforce.

<New modes of organization>
New partnership-based organizations:
・Clearly demarcated tasks (job-based workstyle)
・Combination of diverse types of talents and diverse workstyles
・Leverage outsourcing solutions (skills sharing)
・Project-based, ad-hoc teaming of workers

<New styles of work>
・Case 1: Parallel work (balancing multiple jobs)
・Case 2: Crowdsourcing

<New relations between individuals and organizations>
・Relationship between self-governing individuals and organizations
・Job description and working conditions determined by mutual agreement (contract)
・Job-based pay and performance-based pay
 Skills requirements and pay scale according to the types of jobs
 Outcome-based pay

<Actions required>
・Build talent management systems
・Standardize job descriptions
・Utilize new services and technology, including HR-tech and blockchain