Policy recommendations on the promotion of a tourism-oriented nation

On March 25th, the Japan Association of New Economy submitted a proposal on “Super-Tourism Nation: towards the Goal of 100 million tourists and 30 trillion yen revenue”, based on discussions of its Tourism-Oriented Nation Project Team (Project Leader: Shinichi Ueno, President and CEO, ASATSU-DK)

The proposal presents in detail recommended measures to achieve the key performance indicators (100 million annual inbound tourists and 30 trillion JPY annual spending by inbound tourists in Japan)set out in JANE’s “Tourism-Oriented Nation 2020” published in February last year.

Download the document from here


  1. Promotion of Inbound Tourism (towards the goal of 100m tourists and \30 trillion revenue)
    1_1.Attract more visitors to Japan
       Digital marketing strategies
       Revision on aviation policy (promotion of LCCs, increase of landing slots)
    1-2. Help visitors enjoy their stay and encourage spending in Japan
       Provision of lodging (home sharing)
       Enhanced mobility (ride sharing, improved accessibility of information)
       Internet access (improved Wi-Fi access)
       Boost consumption (cashless payments, luxury tourism)
       Enhance urban environment (utilization of pedestrian plazas, the night time
       economy, event venues)
       Strengthen security measures for the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic games
    1-3. Promote repeat visits
       Make Japan’s presence felt after inbound visitors go back home
  2. Promotion of Domestic Tourism
    Levelling of tourism demand (rotating holiday system by region)
  3. Strengthen Tourism Administrative Bodies
    Strengthen tourism governance functions and budget expansion