JANE submitted a proposal on “National Strategic Special Zones” to the Cabinet Office

On June 5, Japan Association of New Economy (JANE) submitted a proposal on “National Strategic Special Zones” to the Cabinet Office on the occasion of an official invitation of proposal by the Cabinet Office.

Proposal (PDF)
*Available only in Japanese

[Outline of the Proposal]

  1. Foster environmental conditions for a cutting edge society / Smart nation
    (1) Regulatory reform towards creation of new industries for: 
    ◇Sharing economy through efficient use of unutilized asset
    ・Transportation and accommodation: To increase numbers of foreigners visiting Japan (targeted 100 million) and meet its demand
    ・Care facility and babysitting: To take measures towards society with a low birth rate and an aging population
    ・Spare time of housewives/husbands and retired people: To utilize flexible new type of workforce
    ◇New services (e.g. self-driving)
  2. Foster environmental conditions for global competitiveness
    (1) Permission to use IFRS to individual financial statements and tax declaration to reduce administrative cost of Japanese companies
    (2) Flexible and diverse working environment: output based evaluation but not with working hours, and flexible working hours in global context taking time differences into consideration as well as office mobility
  3. Foster global talent to drive innovation
    (1) Programming education
    ・To include programing education as compulsory at elementary schools as a basic knowledge in 21st century
    ・To foster talented human resources with programming ability (e.g. support to study abroad etc.)
    ・To make High-schools subject “Information” be a subject in university entrance exams 
    (2) English education, targeted to top tier in Asia
    ・To apply external English test (e.g. TOEFL) to the university entrance exams
    ・To include English education at elementary schools. To start from early grades and increase lessons at late grades.
    (3) School reform
    ・To approve digital book as textbook at schools
    ・To reform regulations for flexibility on teaching certificate for a good use of experienced human resources
    (4) Kabushiki Kaisha based School (schools founded by a stock company)
    ・To permit establishing Kabushiki Kaisha based schools at elementary, secondary and high school levels
    ・To make Kabushiki Kaisha based school and incorporated school on an equal footing basis
  4. Super Tourism Oriented Country
    (1) Road usage permission and flexibility on advertisement (ex: size, color, form) on the occasion of big event.