【Public Comments】JANE submitted its views on development guidelines for artificial intelligence to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

On January 31st, JANE submitted its views on key points for designing artificial intelligence development guidelines issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Original comment in Japanese

【Summary of views】
Promoting innovations in the development of artificial intelligence requires free and open environment
Clarification needs to be made about differences between AI and existing information systems or computer processing even with the absence of a clear definition of AI.
The coming “Wisdom Network Society” would necessitate the securing of an alternative AI network system.
Privacy issues that may arise in the future are better to be dealt with at an end-user stage rather than at a development stage.
Sufficient care needs to be taken in promoting the provision of information by developers and third-party authentication systems as they may discourage developers and impede innovations.
Consideration needs to be given to the social acceptance of AI as well as to economic and social disparities caused by AI