Greetings From the Japan Association of New Economy (JANE) Hiroshi Mikitani Representative Director, JANE Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the board, Rakuten, Inc

The importance of growing with the internet

The IT and E-Business sectors are two of the most important for the further development of the Japanese economy. Future economic growth in Japan will depend on how emerging industries are nurtured by the public and private sector alike. However, the existing paradigms challenge the growth of these industries. The Japan Association of New Economy Council has been formed to help overcome these challenges and promote growth for the Japanese economy.

Raising Japan's competitiveness

The Internet has become one of the critical infrastructures supporting modern society and is driving the growth of new and emerging industries globally. The United States has fostered the development of the Internet in both the public and private sectors and the resulting competitive environment has led to an explosion of innovation. Likewise, Japan needs to create an environment that encourages competition and innovation, supported by the power of the Internet.

On the other hand, Japan, where policy and institutional reform is taking on a new urgency, is still in the early stages of developing an environment that supports the above actions.

The critical areas that Japan needs to focus on to create growth are: 1) Innovation 2) Entrepreneurship 3) Global-mindset

To promote awareness, we are proud to be holding the [Japan New Economy Summit 2013]

Throughout the [Japan New Economy Summit 2013], we will be looking at competitive environments in the United States and other countries that foster entrepreneurship and innovation, and discuss the systems and mechanisms that will build a Japan that is internationally competitive while supporting the growth of the Japanese economy.

Summit Information

Download the brochure(PDF)

Event Name

Japan New Economy Summit 2013

Conference Date

April 16, 2013 (Tuesday)


Hotel New Otani Tokyo

The Main [Tsuru no Ma]

4-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-8578

Scheduled Number of Participants

Conference: Approximately 1,500 people

*Participants include: Japan Association of New Economy Members, Corporation Representatives, Government Officials

Organizing Association

Japan Association of New Economy (JANE)

Conference Details

Keynote speech, International and Domestic Guest Speakers, Cocktail Party

Conference Participation Costs

Japan Association of New Economy Members: \ 15,000 per person (tax not included)

Non-Japan Association of New Economy Members: \ 50,000 per person (tax not included)

[Early Registration (Deadline March 31, 2013)]

Japan Association of New Economy Members: \ 10,000 per person (tax not included)

Non-Japan Association of New Economy Members: \ 36,000 per person (tax not included)




Walk to Nearby Stations
  • Akasakamitsuke Station (Marunouchi/Ginza Subway Line) 3 min
  • Nagatacho Station (Hanzomon Subway Line) 3min
  • ojimachi Station (Yurakucho Subway Line) 6min
  • Yotsuya Station (Marunouchi/Nanboku Subway Line, JR Chuo/Sobu Line 8min
By Car to Major Districts
  • Shibuya Approximately 15 minutes
  • Shinjuku Approximately 15 minutes
  • Ueno Approximately 30 minutes
  • Ginza Approximately 15 minutes
  • Marunouchi Approximately 20 minutes
  • Tokyo Station Approximately 20 minutes
  • Kasumigaseki Interchange for Highway Approximately 10 minutes
From Airports to Hotel New Otani

Accsess to The Summit Room.


Tsuru no Ma(Conference)

Tsuru no Ma(Conference)

Tsuru no Ma(Conference))

Fuyo no Ma (Lunch,Cocktail Party)

Fuyo no Ma (Lunch,Cocktail Party)

Fuyo no Ma (Lunch,Cocktail Party)