Policy Advocacy

Meeting with National Strategic Special Zones Working Group of the Cabinet Office

On September 16th, JANE representatives had a meeting with the “national strategic special zones working group” set up at the Cabinet Office.
JANE had submitted its viewpoints regarding the national strategic special zones in response to the Cabinet Office’s call for additional proposals from among the private sector. In this connection, JANE was invited to provide further details about the sixteen policy measures laid out in its recommendation.
Our sixteen recommendations are as follows:
  • Creation of “sharing cities”
  • Authorization of ride sharing
  • Allow individuals to provide paid travel advice
  • Permit the provision of paid guided tours for inbound visitors
  • Expand the areas allowed to operate “specified entertainment eating and drinking establishments”
  • Allow freight transport by taxi
  • Ease entry conditions for 2nd grade license for taxi drivers
  • Increase hospitality sector workforce
  • Facilitate the opening of new nursery schools
  • Improve conditions for nursery schools run by private companies
  • Promotion of basic skills education relevant for the 21st century (English and computer programming)
  • Improve conditions for schools run by private companies
  • Easing of hunting qualifications
  • Better working environment for non-Japanese nationals
  • Creation of new working conditions with flexible hours
  • Realization of “smart medical towns”
The viewpoints raised by us and by others will be considered and discussed in the government.