Next New Economy Summit (NEST) to be held on April 11, 2018!
JANE Silicon Valley Summit on December 7 and 8
[Public Comments] JANE views on the Anti Monopoly Act Study Group report
JANE delegation visit to Israel
School visiting lecture by Tomohiro Yamashita, Renoveru CEO
Join launch of the study group on online transaction in the FinTech age
Cloud-driven entrepreneurship: Kitakyushu City and MoneyForward
JANE Executive Meeting held on May 26
JANE meeting with Business Federation Luxembourg
JANE additional recommendations on a tourism nation
Policy recommendations on the establishment and management of day care facilities
School visiting lecture at Musashino University
Policy Recommendations for the Implementation of “Digital First” Principle
Athletes’ career support event co-hosted by JOC and JANE
JANE member seminar “Aavishkaar: Asia’s largest impact investor achieving both social impact and economic return”
【Public Comment】JANE views on draft amendments of Guidelines concerning Distribution Systems and Business Practices
Launch of industry-academia working group for human resource development
School visiting lecture by FREEPLUS CEO
Policy proposal on venture philanthropy and social impact investment
JANE presentation on new home sharing rules at the Democratic Party of Japan
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